Best of the Best hotel in Danang~~

I have been Danang in 2 occasions and staying in orange hotel surprised me most by their services. The receptionists can speak fluent English and explain very clearly the attractive sightseeing points and good restaurant nearby. Room is clear and serviced with tiger beer for your refreshment. They can arrange local tour or transport services in reasonable price as well.

Especially thanks to the manager LUU and staff PHI, I suffered from serious diarrhea during my stay and his staff arranged car to send me the hospital for treatment. After the treatment, Mr. LUU arrange a tailor-made dinner for me for speedy recovery. 

Competitive room rate, clear and tidy room, best ever services and warmest smile, I highly recommend this hotel!!!

服務非常好的酒店, 無論價錢, 食物質素, 性價比是我去過越南2次住過3家酒店是最好的. 酒店可以為你安排車到附近景點, 你無需擔心會被人呃車費. 我強力推介這酒店