Excellent Staff, Service, Location, and Breakfast!

The Orange Hotel is a great choice, and its rates are beyond fair. You really get a lot more than you pay for here.
Its a five star experience, without 5 star prices. 
Its a place you feel at home at the second you arrive. 
The rooms have everything you would want in a "3.5 star hotel", and the beds are comfortable and meet western standards. 
If the rooms were ultra luxurious, and all the hallways were air-conditioned, this would be a 5-Star hotel! 
Aside from that, everything they do here cannot be done better!

The Staff is top notch! Friendly, smiling, greeting you at every turn.
The location is fine.Unless you need beachfront, and want to pay for it, this is a fine location..Its a $2 taxi from anywhere you are going. 
There is even a sweetheart of a laundry lady living behind the hotel next to the bank, off to the left down the corridor.

The breakfast here is included in the price, and you could easily pay more for ONLY a breakfast for 2, of this quality, in a Western country. I felt every morning, like i paid for a couple of breakfasts,and got a free room! 
Breakfast is served on the top (10th) of the hotel with an awesome view of Da Nang.
IT IS FANTASTIC. The staff greets u as the elevator doors open. The buffet style set -up is wonderful. There is even an omelette chef on duty to cook up something especially the way you would like it, if you prefer. .
Here's the best part: Not only typical western and Vietnamese breakfast items, but an overwhelming assortment of butt-kicking, little Vietnamese specialty delicacies, that you would not expect to see.at a breakfast station. And they are delicious, its like a food tour under 1 roof.

The only thing better than the service and breakfast here is the owner of the hotel. His name is pronounced CAM. He is very approachable and will probably approach you before you can seek him out. 
He is a very pleasant, sincere, caring, work-a-holic. He is anxious to glean your opinion of his hotel, addresses any concerns, or offer any helpful advice that you may be seeking .He's a proud man and if you're lucky he may regale you with his story of climbing the ladder of success from poverty, through hard work, and a mean case of OCD. A true perfectionist, but one that can kick back with a drink at the end of the day.

Does that make him a great man? I
f it doesn't, you should know that he has raised around 100 orphans in his home, with his Lovely wife, throughout his life.

And he is still actively involved with children's charities

I get the feeling his picture hangs in many homes around DaNang.

***This a hotel that you can feel proud, about yourself, to spend your money at.***

Its an easy choice.

He also has a hotel in HoiAn.